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Each of the these audio Counseling Briefs are about 1 1/2 minutes in length.
Courtesy of Whole Person Counseling
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 "The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully.
What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD"
(Jeremiah 23:28).

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12 Years Before Healing = People often lose hope of ever being healed. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

A 100 Dollar Bill = Would you want a 100 dollar bill after it had be abused? Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Accompany Salvation = The Bible says that there are things which accompany salvation. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

A Continual Feast = You can have a continual feast no matter the circumstances. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Blessings Now = Some say that God is now concerned about temporal blessings. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Born In Sorrow = Are you struggling with your birth and early childhood? Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Deception In The Elections = There is a big deception in the church among Believers. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Depression Factors = People often want a quick fix for their depression. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Evil Report = Do you find it difficult to believe that God loves you because of where you are? Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Experiencing God's love = Many Believers don't experience God's love. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Fighting Battles = Are you experiencing defeat in the battles of your life? Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Forsake All = Are you having trouble living the Christian life? Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Frigidity In Marriage = Many women suffer from frigidity in their marriage. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Generational Curses = Maybe, you have inherited these negative traits from your forefathers. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Get Wisdom = What is the most important thing in your life? Realaudio / WindowsMedia

God Show Up = How can you get God to show up in your life? Realaudio / WindowsMedia

He Is And I Am = Praising God by declaring who He is compared to who I am.  Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Hearing And Obeying God = There is no greater thing for one to do than to hear and obey God.  Realaudio / WindowsMedia

The Little Foxes = We often don't see certain sins as being sin. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Overcoming Distresses = We are surrounded by distresses, but what do with do with them?. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Overcoming Emotional Trauma = God wants to set you free and heal you today. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Petrified With Fear = I have a piece of petrified wood which reminds me of fear. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

The Potter And The Clay = Jeremiah went down to the potters house to observe the potter throwing a pot. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Psalm 18:1-3 = Are you in the middle of a spiritual battle and are losing? David may have the answer.. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Psalm 19 = Just how important is God's Word to you? It is important enough to you to read? Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Rainbow Promises = I had just stepped outside my office and saw a big full rainbow and .... Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Rekindling The Fire = If you spiritual fire has died out and you would like to see it rekindled again .... Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Sexually Molested By The Same Sex = This is one of the most destructive emotional wounds that one can receive. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Sinners Or Saints = I sometimes ask Christians, "Are you a sinner or are you a saint?" Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Skillful With The Sword = When you became a Believer, you enlisted in God's army. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Small Hawk = There was a small hawk trapped in an old house trying to get free. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Steps Of A Good Man = God has not deserted you! He has a plan for your life. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Taking A Spoil = When the enemy comes to attack, it is an opportunity to take a spoil. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

Totally Nude = Let me suggest a new reality show.  It is called "Totally Nude". Realaudio / WindowsMedia

VW Beetle & Obedience = Have you ever obeyed God's voice, but ran into immediate major difficulties?. Realaudio / WindowsMedia

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