A Square Peg
    Are you a square peg which is trying to fit into a round hole.  Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut.  A rut has been described as an open grave with both ends kicked out.

    When your are young, it is wise to take on the burden of the discipline of your parents; however, sometimes family, friends, and even churches try to peg you into a round hole.

    Moses' adoptive mother groomed him to be the prince of Egypt, but God's call was for Moses to be the leader of the Israelites.

    Elisha's father taught him to plow in the field, but he became a prophet, plowing in the lives of men.

    David's father taught him to be a shepherd, but he became the shepherd - king of Israel.

    Peter and Andrew's father probably taught the two to be fishers, but Jesus lead them to be fishers of men.

    Jesus' earthly father trained him to be a carpenter, but Jesus fulfilled his calling by hanging on a cross made by a carpenter.

    This is Basil Frasure with Whole Person Counseling of San Angelo.  My own father wanted me to be a farmer, but now I sow the seed of the Word in the lives of people.

    If your feel like a square peg, driven into a round hole, maybe it's time to find out the purpose for which God made you.  For help in discovering your purpose, call (325) 651-9516.