Computer Viruses
    Most likely you have heard of some new computer viruses that has been hitting a number of computers.  Did you know that there are over 50,000 known computer viruses which could cause problems in your computer if you don't have a good computer virus protector?  Without anti-virus protection, your computer can be infected and you not know it. These viruses could potentially give you vulgar messages, rewrite files, change file names, steal your personal information, destroy your computer's memory or hard drive, and even pass their destruction along to other computers through email or network connections.

    Indeed, the devil has come to steal, kill, and destroy.  The devil also sends out spiritual viruses to disrupt our lives, to change the truth, to cause us to think vulgar thoughts, to destroy our own capacity to think clearly, to cause our lives to crash, to cause us to destroy our own lives and pass destruction along to others.

    However, we have available the perfect spiritual anti-virus protection.  It is the Word of God!  If properly used,  it can protect us from all spiritual viruses!  However, like with the computer virus protector, we must have it installed, keep it turned on all the time, and even do daily virus scans.

    This is Basil Frasure with Whole Person Counseling of San Angelo.  If you would like more information about spiritual virus protection or if you need help is getting rid of a spiritual virus, please contact me at (325) 651-9516.