It Is Well
    This is Basil Frasure with Whole Person Counseling of San Angelo.

     In 1873, Mr. Spafford wrote the well know hymn, "It is well with my soul".  He wrote this hymn after he had lost his business in a fire and his four daughters in a ship wreck.

    How can one say, "It is well", in the face of despair?  If we look at the natural world, we can not respond, "It is well."  If we go by our feelings when we feel disappointed or depressed, we can not say, "It is well."  If someone asks us how are we doing when we are physically sick and we look at physical circumstances, we can not respond, "It is well."   However, if we are born of the Spirit of God, a child of God, then no matter what the circumstances or how we feel we can respond, "It is well."

    In January 2001, I personally was having some major problems with my colon.  When I went to see the physician, he discovered that I had an ulcerated cancerous tumor restricting the lower part of my colon.  As I lay on the surgical table just before having the operation to have a portion of my colon removed, I had to come to say, "God, it is well.  I place my life in your hands."

    Can you say, "It is well"?  If you need someone to help you to place your life in God's hands please call me at (325) 651-9516.  See: