Means for Receiving Healing

    God heals in many different ways:
 In Genesis 20:17 Abraham prayed for Abimelech and his wife to have children and they were healed.
 In II Kings 20:7 Hezekiah was healed by having a lump of figs placed on a boil.
 In II Kings 4:33-34 A boy was brought back to life through prayer and mouth to mouth resuscitation by Elisha.
 In II Kings 5:14 Naaman was healed from leprosy by bathing himself in the Jordan seven times.
 In Matthew 8:14 The servant of the centurion was healed by the spoken word of Jesus.
 In Matthew 9:22 A woman was healed of an issue of blood by touching the hem of Jesus' garment.
 In Mark 8:23-25 The blind man was healed through Jesus spitting on his eyes and laying his hands on him.
 In Luke 6:19 A multitude was healed by touching Jesus.
 In Luke 17:14 Ten lepers were healed as the went to show themselves to the priests.
 In Acts 5:15-16 Many were healed by having the shadow of Peter pass over them.
 In Acts 19:12  Many were healed through handkerchiefs or aprons that came from Paul.
    I share these few examples to illustrate that God may use many means to heal.  The key is to find out what means that He wants to use in your life.  This is Basil Frasure with Person Counseling of San Angelo. If you desire to have someone help you find your means to healing, please call (235) 651-9516.  See: