Accompany Salvation

 There is a story told of a poor man who wanted to go from the US to Europe to visit his family: however he did not have enough money to go.  Therefore, a close friend bought a ticket for him to go on a ship.  Since the poor man knew that it was a long cruise, he packed some dry food to take with him so that he would not go hungry.

 One day another passenger noticed the poor man sitting on the deck eating his dry food from a brown sack and inquired why he had not joined the others for dinner.  The poor man said that a friend had only given him enough money for the ticket, but not enough to purchase his meals.  Almost to the poor man's disbelief, the other passenger explained that his meals were included in the purchase of his ticket.

 We as Christians often don't realize what we have received when Jesus purchased salvation for us.  The Word says in the book of Hebrews that there are things that accompany our salvation.  We not only have eternal life, but we also have access to all the promises of God.

 Some of the promises include mental, emotional, and physical healing and health.  Other promises include the restoration and preservation of social relationships.  Other promises include success and financial prosperity.

 If you would like to learn more about the promises of God which accompany our salvation, please contact me at Whole Person Counseling.