Born in Sorrow

 Are you struggling with your birth and early childhood?  Were you an accident? Were you a result of rape or incest?  Were there problems during your mother's pregnancy with you?  Were your parents married when you were conceived?  Did your parents stay together?  Were you abandoned?  Were you the family reject?  Were you just another unwanted mouth to feed? Were you put out for adoption?

 We find in I Chronicles 4, verse nine, that Jabez was given his name by his mother because she bore him in sorrow.  We don't fully know the circumstances surrounding his birth. His father's name may have been Coz, but the Scripture is not clear.  In reality, Jabez's birth may well have fit into any of the previous questions.  

 However, Jabez didn't allow his birth or his early childhood keep him from being all that God would have him to be.  The Scripture says that he was more honorable than his brothers.  He called upon God to bless him with blessings and increase his possessions and responsibilities.  He also asked God to keep His hand upon him and keep him from evil.  And God granted him that which he requested.

 Your birth may also have been in sorrow, but it doesn't have to keep you from being all that God would have you be. You can receive healing and freedom from your past.  You can, in faith call, upon God to bless you and receive His blessing in your life.