Deception In The Elections

 In Matthew 24:4 we find, "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you."  

 There is a big deception in the church among Believers.  The deception is that since one is a Believer that he is above being deceived. We see this deception where Believers rely upon the government rather than God for provision, where churches have ordained practicing homosexuals into ministry, and where Believers have become passive to the killing of unborn children. We see this deception where we as Believers have allowed prayer and the Ten Commandments to be removed from our schools. We see this deception where Christians have separated themselves from the political process thinking that their participation doesn't matter.

 Listeners, our freedoms as evangelical Believers are being challenged in the upcoming elections.  If we doesn't believe this, we are already deceived!!!  The enemy is not satisfied with past victories.  The enemy is not neutral. 911 proves this! He is violently aggressive and I speak of the powers of darkness working through men today.  He uses his powers of deception even to deceive the elect.

 Therefore, I strongly urge you to pray. Pray that the deception be revealed.  Pray for the light of the truth for our nation.  Then I urge you to vote in the elections for those who stand for what is right in God's eyes. Don't let the enemy have the victory.