Depression Factors

 People often to come to me for counseling for depression and want a quick fix.  However, even with a single individual the factors that effect depression may be complex.  This is the reason that I often do intensive counseling with someone over a two week period, working six or more hours a day with the individual.  

 A chemical imbalance can cause depression, but God can change that as we obey His Word.  A tumor can cause depression, but God can heal tumors.  Generational curses may be a factor in depression, but Jesus became the curse for us.  A lack of sun light or a lack of proper exercise can make us feel depressed, but we can get into the sun more and exercise.  Guilt can be a factor, but we can receive forgiveness and cleansing through Jesus.  Anger can cause depression, but we can cast all our cares upon God.  Eating too much refined sugar may be a factor, but we can bring our bodies under the discipline of the Spirit.  Fear can be a factor, but God can deliver us from all our fears.  Unforgiveness can be a major factor, but by God's grace we can forgive.  Emotional wounds may bring depression, but Jesus came to heal those emotionally bruised and broken in heart.

 If you are wrestling with bouts of depression and desire to be free, please contact me at Whole Person Counseling.  God does not want you to remain depressed.