An Evil Report

 O.K., so people have told you that God loves you and they also love you, but it is difficult for you to believe them because you don't like where you are.  You may have pretended to be someone else or you may have even entertained thoughts of suicide.

 Because I care about you, I must give you a reality check.  I am sorry that you feel the way that you do about God.  I mean, you must think that God is real stupid or an idiot. You must think that He is really cruel, cold, and distant.  In fact, you must be really angry at God and hate Him a lot.  

 After all, God is the very person who created you, but you think that He goofed when He did, and that He has no purpose in your life.  Beloved, you are walking on thin ice.

 God gave me a dream and sent me to witness to this multimillionaire, but he exploded into a fury when I brought up the subject of God.  He had lost three very close individuals by death.  He became so angry at God, that, for him, God no longer existed.  In less than, six months the man died in a car / train wreck.  Remember that ten of the twelve spies that went into Canaan came back with an evil report because them didn't believe God.  This evil report kept the Hebrews wondering in the wilderness for forty years.  How about you?