Experiencing God's Love

 Many people who have committed their lives to Jesus as Lord and become children of God, don't, in one sense, experience the love of God in their lives.

 Elijah, the prophet, went to the wicked king Ahab and told him that there would be no rain or dew in the land until he, the prophet, said so.  Indeed, there came the drought followed by a famine. God instructed Elijah to go to the brook and there the ravens fed him.  However the brook also dried up.  Then God told that Elijah that He had commanded a widow woman to sustain him.  However when Elijah met the widow woman, she was about to fix her last meal for herself and her son and then die of starvation.  God had already commanded her to sustain Elijah, but she was yet to experience the miracle of God's love in her life.  

 The prophet didn't feel sorry for her, but asked her to fix a meal first for himself using the last bit of oil and meal.  When  she did this, she found more meal and oil for herself and her son.  She came to experience God's miraculous love in her life as she gave away what God had already given to her.

 The principle is that you must GIVE away what God has already provided in order to experience God's abundant love in your life.  Jesus said, "Give and it shall be given to you." To experience God's love, you must give it away.