Frigidity in Marriage

 Many women suffer from frigidity in their marriage. Here is a list of possible causes of a wife's lack of intimacy in marriage.

 1. She may have been sexually abused as a child or traumatized by a male figure. 
 2. Her husband may not take the time to be romantic. 
 3. Her husband may be demanding of her. 
 4. She may use the withholding of sex as a control mechanism either consciously or    subconsciously.
 5. There may be generational curses attached to the problem, that is, her mother or    grandmother may have had the same problem. 
 6. She may be stressed out over work, financial, or family issues.
 7. She may have had unresolved sexual relations before marriage or unresolved     extramarital relations.
 8. There may be evil spirits involved (to break up the marriage), even spirits of lust and    or the fear of sex. 
 9. Her husband nor she may understand the principles of sowing and reaping in their marriage.
 10. She may not understand that her body (as a Christian) is not her own. 
 11. She may not understand that she is putting her husband in a dangerous position to    seek sex elsewhere. 
 12. She may have been taught that sex is bad and dirty. 
 13. She may be taking sex altering medications.

 If you, as a wife, have a problem being intimate or if you, as a husband, have such a problem with your wife and desire some answers, God has some real answers for you and your spouse.