Rekindling The Fire

 It was rather a cold night, so I decided to lay several large logs on the fire in the fireplace. The next morning I awaken to discover there was no flames fire in the fireplace, only two small pieces of wood, mostly charred, but with some glowing heat. I arranged the glowing coals together, added some kindling, then added some larger pieces, then some logs.  By the time that I had added the logs, I notice the kindling beginning to glow and smoke. I gave several strong puffs of my breath on the glowing ambers and amazingly, flames burst forth.  Within a few moments there was a raging fire again in the fireplace.  Even more to my amazement, I have tried this experiment repeatedly and it works all the time.

 Maybe your spiritual life has grown rather cold. The flames of your spiritual excitement have died in your fireplace.  There is a way to rekindle the fire. First, look with hope for the glowing amber's.  Then discipline your life to bring the glowing amber's together. Next, add the kindling of encouragement and then the large pieces of the Word.  Finally lay on the logs of faith and blow prayer on the live coals.  

 It may be to your amazement also, but the flames of spiritual life and excitement will burst forth.  It will work every time. 

 If you spiritual fire has died out and you would like to see it rekindled again, please call me at (325) 651-9516.