Sexual Molested 
By The Same Sex

 One of the most destructive sources of emotional bruises is when someone in a position of respect and authority sexually molests a child of the same sex.  This is a very strong blow to that child's identity because:

1. The abuser is an adult and the child feels helpless.

2. The abuser is in a position of respect and authority and the child may not be taken seriously.

3. The abuser crosses the private barrier of sexuality.  The child experiences being violated.

4. The abuser violates the natural lines of sexuality, being of the same sex as the child.    The child often carries the shame, a false guilt, and even often a confused sexual identity.

 Although, this is one of the most harmful blows to an individual's identity, it doesn't have to be a bondage for life.  Jesus came to set free all those who have been emotionally bruised.  This means everyone.  There are no exceptions!  It includes you, even if you have been sexually molested by someone in a position of authority .... and even if no one else knows about it or believes it could have happened.  You don't have to keep walking around dragging this ball and chain of shame.  You can be free and healed, and even become a minister of God's grace to others who have been emotionally abused.