Sinners Or Saints

 Some of the greatest battles that Believers have come from basing their identity upon performance.  I sometimes ask Christians, "Are you a sinner or are you a saint?"  The most common response is, "Since I sin, I must be a sinner."  The Believer who says this is basing his personal identity upon his performance and not on who the Bible says that he is.  How can we live like saints if we see ourselves as sinners?

 The Bible says that we were (past tense) by nature sinners, but that we have by grace through faith become by nature saints.  Yes, we, as saints, may choose to sin at times.  However, we are still saints with a new godly nature.  We were in Satan's kingdom of darkness, but have been translated into the kingdom of light.  People often excuse the truth by saying, "I know positionally that this is true but, I know that I sin."  Again, this person is basing his identity upon performance.  We are more than just posititonally saints .... this is a spiritual reality!  When everything is said and done, the Bible says that we are to reckon that we have a new resurrected nature.  Believers are not sinners, but new creations in Christ.  Furthermore, we are to see ourselves as saints that we may live as saints.