Taking A Spoil

 There is a principle in the martial arts in that when the enemy comes to attack, it is an opportunity to take a spoil.  We also can see this principle of taking a spoil when the enemy comes to attack in Scripture.  

 In II Chronicles 14, when Zerah, the Ethiopian, came to attack Asa, king of Judah, Asa prepared for the battle.  However, before he went into battle in the name of the Lord, he first sought God, asked for God's help, and put the battle into God's hands.  He not only defeated the enemy, he also pursued the enemy to take much spoil.

 In II Chronicles 20, three warring nations came up to attack Jehoshaphat and Jehoshaphat's army was far outnumbered.  He fasted and sought God.  Then he obeyed God by placing his singers before his army to praise God.  When the singers began to praise God, God set ambushments against the enemies and gave the victory to Jehoshaphat.  It took the people three days just to gather the spoil.

 The devil came to crucify our Lord Jesus, but Jesus over came all the powers of darkness through his resurrection and took the spoil according to Isaiah 53:12.

 Has the enemy come to attack you?  It is an opportunity for you to submit yourself to God, resist the enemy and take a spoil.  We are to be more than just conquerors, we are to take a spoil.