VW Beetle & Obedience

 Have you ever obeyed God's voice, but ran into immediate major difficulties because of your obedience?

 Once while my family and I were living in Fort Worth, Texsa, I heard God tell me to trade in my old car for a newer one.  I went to someone who I knew that sold used cars and found a nice VW Beetle.  I test drove it and bought it.  However, on the way home the automatic transmission went out.  The next day, I tried to get my old car back, but couldn't.  My heart sank to the bottom.  I didn't have enough money to get another car or to have the transmission replaced.   I couldn't understand why God would have me get a car with a bad transmission. A week passed and I just let the car set in front of my house.  

 Then my parents came for a visit.  My dad walked into the house and said, "I noticed that you have another car."  I was embarassed to tell him what had happened.  However, he immediately offered to pay to have the transmission replaced; therefore, I had a stick shift transmission put in the car.

 That winter, the roads in Fort Worth, Texas, got really icy and my wife used the car safely to drive to and from work at night on the icy roads.  It soon became my wife's favorite car.

 If you desire to walk through the tests of being obedient to God, He has some great blessing in store for you.