Selling Of My Mother's House
    This is Basil Frasure with Whole Person Counseling of San Angelo.

    Some years ago I needed to sell my mother's house.  I had never sold a house, therefore I checked with a Christian Realtor, but it didn't seem like God was in it.  Although there was a lot of pressure to hurry up and sell a vacant house in the country, I just waited. I began a list of names of people who knew about the house and were potentially interested in buying it.

    Then one afternoon I just happened to be at home.  Normally, I wasn't.  The telephone ring and my wife answered the call.  She then handed the phone to me and asked if I wanted to talk with this lady about selling the house.  The lady was a real-estate agent who knew nothing about the house, but just was calling people listed in the telephone book to see if they had property to sell or property they wanted to buy.  We met and I gave her a list of prospective buyers.  The first person she contacted purchased the house.  Since I had provided the name of the buyer, the real-estate agent gave me a break on her commission fee.  There were several other miracles along the way, but the buyer got a good deal, I got a great deal, and guess what? The lady made her first sell since becoming a real-estate agent.  God was in the whole thing.

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