A 100 Dollar Bill

There is a story about a beggar who comes up to a rich man asking him for a couple dollars.  The rich man opens his wallet and pulls out a crisp new 100 dollar bill.  The beggar eyes widen with surprise and hope.  The rich man says, "I will give you this bill, but first I want to ask you some questions.

 Then the rich man crumples up the new bill and asks if the beggar still would like it.  The beggar answers, "You bet I do".  Then the rich man takes the bill and tears back each of the four corners of the bill and again asks if he is still interested.  The beggar responds, "Sure".  Then the rich man throws the bill down upon the dirty ground, stomps upon it, and picks it up and again asks, "Do you still want it?"  The beggar is a bit puzzled, but answers with a positive, "Yes."  The rich man hands the bill to the poor man with this advise, "Your life may have been crumpled, torn, throw into the dirt and stepped on, but God still sees it to be of value. Use the money wisely."

 No matter what has happened to you, God also still sees your life to be of value and desires to straighten out the wrinkles, mend the torn edges, cleanse away the dirt, and heal the bruises.