Fighting Battles
That DON'T Belong To US

 Are you experiencing defeat in the battles of your life?  One of the lowest tricks of the devil, the deceiver, is to get us to fight battles that do not belong to us. 

 1.  He uses our pride.  He tempts us by saying, "Well, you may have defeated me over there, but come over here and lets see what you can do." Just this week I challenged to take a counseling case.  As soon as I turned down the case, I discovered that the case was a trick of the enemy.

 2. He uses our sympathy to help others.  The devil says, "Look at that poor innocent soul.  He needs you so badly to fight for him."  Quite often the truth is that the poor soul needs to learn the consequences of his actions.

 3. He use our fear.  The devil says, "If you don't fight for your rights, I will take away everything that you have."   The reality may well be that God has permitted the enemy to attack you because you are holding on to rights that you need to give to God.

 A simple way to avoid fighting battles that don't belong to you is to CRY OUT to God and ask Him if you should enter into the battle. David almost always inquired of the LORD before going into battle, except when he became king and sent out his army to fight while he stayed behind.  This time, he committed adultery and murder.