Forsake All

 Are you having trouble living the Christian life?  Do you lack a sense of purpose in your life?  Maybe, it is because you are holding on to something that you should let go of.

 There is a big difference between being a child of God and being a disciple.  A disciple of Christ is one who has come under the discipline of Christ.  A disciple is one who submits himself daily to the lordship of Jesus.

 Jesus said in Luke 14:33, "... whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he can not be my disciple."  Anything that we cling to other than Jesus, stands in our way of being a disciple of Jesus.  In fact, whatever we hold on to ... becomes an idol before God and He will have no other gods before Him.  God will allow the enemy to attack us at the point of the idolatry.

 What we are holding to can be drugs, alcohol, or pornography; however,  it doesn't have to be something evil.  It can be our family, our possessions, our business, our church, or even our personal ministry.  What are you clinging to?  Again, Jesus said that to be his disciple we must forsake all that we have.