The Little Foxes

  We often don't see certain sins as being sin. We put them on various levels or in various categories.  However, this is not scriptural.

 Let's examine the sin of stealing.  All stealing is breaking the command of God not to steal.  It doesn't matter if is auto theft or stealing a paper clip.  Someone may state, "But there is no consequence for stealing a paper clip."  But there is ... you know that you have done wrong; therefore, you initially experience some guilt and fear.  Guilt and fear will hinder you from being completely open and transparent before God and others.  It also leaves a dark spot in your conscience which makes it easier for you to steal a fountain pen the next time.

 I have discover in counseling that if someone doesn't get a completely clear conscience by confessing, asking forgiveness for, and repenting of all his sins, including what he may consider the little ones, that he will not get complete freedom and healing.   Sooner or later, those little sins, like cancer, spread to destroy his life.

 The Scripture says that it is the little foxes that spoil the grape vine.  It is often the little sins that we don't consider to be sin that destroys the fruitfulness that God would have us have.  

 Are there any stolen paper clips destroying your life? Isn't it time to get a clear conscience so that you will be free to be all that God wants you to be?