Overcoming Distresses

 Distress is defined as having great pain, anxiety, sorrow, affliction, or trouble.  People who are in distress often have great difficulty looking at the issues in their lives.  They either bounce around all over the place or they bury themselves in some addiction.

 The reality is that all of us will sooner or later face some distress in our lives.  However, distress is not the ultimate issue.  The major issue is, "What will we do with the distress?"  David wrote Psalm 107 to deal with distresses. It is interesting that David wrote five stanzas to this psalm.  Five is the symbolic number for God's grace. Grace is the ability to receive the Goodness of God which we don't deserve.

 David addressed five types of people:  those who have rejected the promises of God, the rebellious, the fools who have been carried away by their iniquities, those who depend upon their position or riches, and those who have become victims, the poor.

 David began each of the five stanzas to Psalm 107 with either thanksgiving or praise.  This is the first step in overcoming distress.  David also declared that God is the sovereign ruler in each case. This is a good second step.  Finally, he stated that when the people seriously cry out to God for help, God will deliver them from their distresses.

 It doesn't matter so much as to why you are in distress, if you humbly cry out to God, He will deliver from your distresses.