A Small Hawk

 I was at a vacant house when I noticed a small hawk was inside the house and was flying against the window trying to get out.  Repeatedly he would try to fly out, but would crash into the window pane.  He had come into the house through a small hole in a window in another room.  

 I went into the house propping the front door open so that the hawk could fly out, but found that the small hawk had retreated to a closet in fear.  I found a broom to shoo the hawk out without hurting him.  After a minute or so, I was able to get the hawk out of the closet, but again he headed for the window.  I finally got him away from that window and he flew down the hall to the room with the open door.  However, instead of flying through the open door, again he headed for another closed window, then another window.  Each time he would hurt himself as he crashed into a window.  Finally, using the broom to force him out of a window, he flew across the room to the open door to freedom. 

 You, also may have unexpectantly got trapped and have tried various ways of getting free, going from one window to another only to find them shut.  You only find yourself more hurt and fearful.  Maybe you also have withdrawn into a dark closet.  

 I want to tell you that God has a door to freedom open for you to fly through.  For help, please call me at 651-9516.