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Each of the these RealAudio briefs are about 2 minutes in length.
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English Audio
Written text of the Counseling Brief.
1. audio Blessing A Child = Influencing the character of a child through speaking blessings over the child.
2.  Fathers Provoking Children = How does a father provoke his child?
3.  Jonah's Suicidal Thoughts = A good example of a progression of suicidal thoughts.
4.  How Do You Achieve Success? = Success is within your reach.  You can begin today.
5.  One Problem With Schizophrenia = Emotional abuse produces passiveness, but there is hope.
6.  Binding The Strongman = A prayer for freedom for one to receive salvation.
7.  Knock, Knock = The enemy comes to us disguised as self.
8.  God Is Good = If you are complaining life, it may be that you don't see that God is good.
9.  Seek Ye First = What factors are there is seeking the Kingdom of God?
10.  Means Of Healing = There are many.  Which one does God want to use to heal you physically.
11.  Sovereignty of God And Man's Will = A truth taken to the exclusion of other truths is a lie.
12.  It Is Well = How can we say it is well in the face of despair?
13.  A Square Peg =  Do feel like a square peg that is trying to fit in a round hole?
14.  Making Decisions = How can you make an important decision?
15.  Your Computer System = You must run your maintenance system to protect yourself.
16.  Emotional Healing Steps = Don't fall short in following through all the steps to receive healing.
17.  Song Of Solomon = The application of this counseling brief may change your marriage.
18.  Being Foreigners = Believers are not expected to fit the mold of this world.
19.  Computer Virus = We can have a perfect spiritual anti-virus protection.
20.  Overcoming The Fear Of Being Alone = Childhood experiences of fear can be overcome.
21.  Fragmentation Of The Soul = Severe traumas can cause a fragmentation of the soul.
22.  Navigating The Scriptures = Preparing to navigate through the Scriptures.
23.  Selling Of My Mother's House = An experience of learning to wait upon God.
24.  Alert For The Pass = I had a dream about being a football quarterback.
25.  Superabundance = Do you have a poverty mentality?
26.  A Spiritual Tune-up = Do you need a spiritual tune-up as an engine?
27.  A Sudden Attack = Has God given you a vision of direction?  Expect a sudden attack.
28.  A Broken Heart = Do you have a broken heart? Jesus came to heal the broken hearted.
29.  Born To Be King = Jesus is more than the baby in the manger, he was born to be King.
30.  Rekindle The Fire = Has your spiritual fire gone out?  You can rekindle it.
31.  Fireworks and Sin = Sin can be somewhat like fireworks, but sin always has a consequence.

Many more are in the making.

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