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Christian Counseling Issues & Prayer
Please Remember that this is a Christian Counseling Message Board.
Terms of Use:

    YOU MAY ....

1. You may share personal problems and issues.
2. You may post questions concerning counseling issues.
3. You may encourage one another in the Lord.
4. You may share the love of Christ Jesus our Lord.
5. You may share your testimony of God's work in your life.
6. You may encourage one another with the Word of God.
7. You may use it to post prayer requests.
    YOU MAY NOT ...
1. You may not use it to sell products.
2. You may not use it to promote a political agenda.
3. You may not use it to promote the use of illegal drugs or gambling.
4. You may not use it to promote nonchristian beliefs or other religions.
5. You may not use it to promote pornography, homosexuality, or abortion.
6. You may not use cursing, vile, or sexually explicated language.
    NOTE ...    If you post an email address, it must be your own or otherwise "none".

I have read and accept the terms of this Message board:

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