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Kitten  This one is for children with only 12 pieces.

Kitten  This is more difficult with 35 pieces.

When I lay down ... "When I lay down, I shall not be afraid" with 16 pieces.

When I lay down ... Same as above but with 36 pieces.

A wild rabbit up close ... still can't believe it. "He also created the beasts of the field" with 24 pieces.

The moth becomes a beautiful butterfly  "You must be born again!" caption with 35 pieces.

Fall Colors  This beautiful puzzle has 42 pieces.

Sands in Southern Colorado  This picture puzzle has 40 pieces.

Fishers of Men  "Follow me and I will make your fishers of men" with 35 pieces.

Paladura Canyon in Texas  This is Paladura Canyon in Texas with 35 pieces. (somewhat difficult).

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