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What is our source for authority about angels? What is the meaning of the term "angels"? What other terms are used for angels? Where did angels come from? How do angels fit in the order of creation? What is the order of angels? How much power does an angel have? What are some name of angels? Are angels omnipresent?   (can an angel be more than one place at the same time?) How much knowledge do angels have? How many angels are there? Do angels have a physical body? What does an angel look like? Are there any female angels? Do angels have their own language? Do angels have wings and fly? Do angels die? Do angels sing? Are angels holy? Do angels marry? Where there angels that sinned?
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Were there angels that fell?

What does the Bible call the angels that fell? Is there salvation for the fallen angels? Who will judge the angels?

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Who rules over the angels in heaven? Should we worship angels? Should we pray to angels? Do angels preach the Gospel? Can an angel live inside a person? Was Jesus an angel? Do children become angels when they die? Do children have guardian angels?
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What do angels do?

Angels obey the word of God. Angels guard the righteous. Angels warn the righteous of the coming judgment of God. Angels bring answers to our prayers to God. Angels care for and encourage the outcast. Angels brought news of the birth of Jesus. Angels ministered to Jesus after he had been tempted. An angel ministered to Jesus in the garden on the Mount of Olives. An angel announced the resurrection of Jesus. Angels instructed the disciples after the ascension of Jesus. An angel gave instructions to Philip. An angel came and shut the mouth of the lions. Angels drove the chariots of God. An angel set Peter free from prison. An angel gave an encouraging message to Paul. Angels are heavenly witnesses before God. An angel was a messenger of the healing mercy of God. Angels watch over children. Angels carry out the judgment of God. Angels do war for God. Angels deliver the prayers of the Saints to the throne of God. Angels will return with Jesus when he returns. Angels worship and praise God. Angels will worship and praise God in heaven. An angel will announce the end of time.



Hebrews 13:2    Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.


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 Please understand that this study is not complete. You may obtain some additional insight from my link to Spiritual Warfare or Overcoming The Enemy.   Furthermore, if you are seeking divine direction, you may want to go to the Whole Person Counseling site.

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